Amplecta was founded 2002 distributing outdoor consumer products. In 2004 we pioneered with introducing CO2 traps to Europe. 2005 we developed the first electric insect trap that is designed to be outdoors in harsh conditions. The fairly inexpensive electric traps also added many of the advances features that only can be found on the advanced CO2 traps. 2008 Amplecta overtook distribution of the ThermaCELL repellent program for Europe. 2009 we introduced our own designed CO2 Predator Trap along with the RapidAction baits and booster accessories. 2016 we moved the office from Gothenburg to Malmö and established a subsidary company in Norway. 2017 we launched the 100% compostable bags - Bioplastic. 



Amplecta AB

Davidhallsgatan 28,

211 43 Malmö, Sweden

Phone: +46 40 631 5790


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